Metal & Jewellery Care

Copper & Brass Polish

Antiquax Copper and Brass Polish is created from a blend of natural ingredients to clean without an abrasive action. Therefore, unlike conventional polishes, it will remove tarnish and discolouration without eroding the surface. It has excellent anti-tarnish properties ensuring long life to your copper and brass.

How to use: Shake the container well. Apply to a soft clean cloth, and lightly polish the surface. Allow to dry to a light haze, and buff to a bright finish using a clean dry cloth.

Where would I use this?
  • Easy to apply
  • Based upon naturally derived solvents and wood derivatives
  • Cleans by mild abrasive and chemical action
  • Contains a selective anti-oxidant which helps inhibit further discolouration and tarnish formation
  • Door handles
  • Trophies
Available Sizes
Total: £ 7.99