About Us

Briwax makes leading luxury wood finishes in England for discerning wood lovers and furniture makers.

Henry Flack started manufacturing French polishes and blending waxes in 1860 to supply the cabinet makers and woodcarvers in East London. After severe bomb damage during the Second World War, the company relocated to Beckenham in Kent. The Bollom family acquired Briwax in 1961 and in 2013 Briwax became part of the Rustins group.

The Briwax Product range has been carefully selected from the finest traditional trade finishes drawing on 150 years of experience supplying furniture manufacturers. Many of the Briwax polishes and products are based on the original formulas developed to meet the quality demands of the professional finisher.  

The popular original wax polish offers a simple smooth finish for either unfinished raw timber or a final touch to a polished surface and is available in 14 different colour variations.