Steel Wool 0 (Discontinued)

Briwax Steel Wool is manufactured to a very high specification in an oil free process to ensure a consistent degree of abrasion which does not mark or stain the wood or finish. Available in three grades:

Grade 0000: This very fine grade steel wool is particularly recommended for applying wax polish, cleaning and polishing metals.

Grade 0: This grade is used for stubborn dirt on woodwork and metal or for use after stripping paint to ensure a clean surface prior to finishing.

Grade 2: This coarse steel wool is used mainly for stripping paint, lacquers and varnish from woodwork as an aid to paint strippers.


Steel Wool Grade 0 is a discontinued product.

Where would I use this?
  • Convenient 225g box.
  • Manufactured to high standard.
  • Can be used for cleaning or applying waxes.
  • Suitable for use on most wooden surfaces.
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