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Welcome to the Briwax Resource Centre. You can access all the product information you need here and have the option to download product & safety specifications, images and colour charts for your perusal.


Beeswax Stick N/A
Briwax Original N/A
Briwax Spray N/A
Briwax Toluene Free N/A
Briwax Wax Polish Black N/A
Danish Oil N/A
Filler Sticks N/A
Floor Wax - Discontinued N/A
Furniture Reviver/Restorer (Discontinued) N/A
Granite & Marble Wax (discontinued) N/A
Hard Wax Oil Download
Liming Wax Download
Liquid Beeswax (Discontinued) N/A
Natural Creamed Beeswax N/A
Natural Wood Wax N/A
Quick Dry Hard Wax Oil N/A
Shellac Sanding Sealer N/A
Sheradale Antique Wax (Discontinued) N/A
Steel Wool 0 (Discontinued) Download
Beeswax Stick Download
Briwax Original Download
Briwax Spray Download
Briwax Toluene Free Download
Briwax Wax Polish Black Download
Danish Oil Download
Filler Sticks Download
Floor Wax - Discontinued Download
Furniture Reviver/Restorer (Discontinued) Download
Granite & Marble Wax (discontinued) Download
Hard Wax Oil Download
Liming Wax Download
Liquid Beeswax (Discontinued) Download
Natural Creamed Beeswax Download
Natural Wood Wax Download
Quick Dry Hard Wax Oil Download
Shellac Sanding Sealer Download
Sheradale Antique Wax (Discontinued) Download
Steel Wool (DISCONTINUED) Download
Steel Wool 0 (Discontinued) Download
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Briwax Brochure Download