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Heldite Jointing Compound

Heldite jointing compound is a high-performance sealant for preventing leakage of Petrol, Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic Fluids, Oils, Paraffin, LPG’s, Water, Steam and Gases in all branches of Automotive, Auto mechanical, Electrical and General Engineering, Plumbing, Heating and Pipeline Services. Heldite is a thick liquid compound that can be applied to any joint either with or without a gasket.

It will effectively seal bolted, flanged or screwed joints and as it is in a liquid form it is economical to use and does not tend to squeeze out into the interior of a joint and cause damage. Heldite is non-abrasive and will not damage highly machined joint faces; the combination of thermal, plastic and adhesive factors in this jointing compound is unique in the sealant formulation. The plasticity combats the effects of temperature and pressure changes, shifting levels and stresses associated with the assembly of dissimilar metals such as aluminium housings bolted to cast blocks. The adhesive factor not only assists gasket location but has been shown to be an effective locking sealant for imparting additional security to splines, studs and press fit bearings.


Why Use Heldite?

  • Proven track record - nearly 90 years of use in multiple industrial sectors and applications
  • Multi-purpose product - Adhesive and sealant
  • Anti-corrosive and inert - Inhibits corrosion and can be used to seal electrical components to resist moisture ingress
  • Accurate application - Applied by brush
  • Flexibility - Combats vibration and stress imposed by temperature changes in dissimilar metals and materials
  • Adhesion - Aids gasket location and security of studs, splines and press fit bearings
  • Sealant - Resistant to most types of fluid used in automotive sector (not compatible with Ethanol)

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Where would I use this?


  • Made in the UK from sustainable raw materials
  • Prevent leakage of oils, hydraulic fluids, water, steam, gases, coolants and fuels (excluding ethanol)
  • Unique sealant formulation
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-corrosive and non-abrasive
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • The 125m & 250ml tins comes with a handy brush applicator 
  • Assembly of dissimilar metals
  • Cooling systems
  • Water pumps
  • Thermostats
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Rocker cover gaskets
  • Suitable for copper cylinder head gaskets but not with velum
  • Thread lock sealant on a bearing
  • Flanged joints
  • Compression joints
  • Hydraulic compression joints
  • Rubber hoses to radiators
  • Water pump gaskets
  • Inlet manifolds
  • Bell housing
  • Rear axles oil seals
  • Sump gaskets
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