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Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold - 'the original and the best' - is a wood reviver, suitable for use on all natural finished woods.  Liquid Gold acts like a moisturiser for wood, bringing out the beauty of the natural grain, giving wood a beautiful lustre.  Liquid Gold will reduce the appearance of light scuffs and scratches, and it protects against warping, cracking and fading.

Where would I use this?
  • Cleans & restores the colour, shine & lustre of natural wood
  • Removes dirt, grease, old wax & furniture polish
  • Protects against cracking, warping & fading
  • Reduces the appearance of scuffs & scratches
  • Also great for reviving untreated wood including garden furniture

For all types of wooden surfaces & furniture

• Wooden tables & chairs
• Antique furniture
• Wardrobes, dressers, sideboards & cupboards
• Worktops

Available Sizes
Total: £ 6.90