House Mate

Moisture Absorber

Prevents moisture, mould and musty odours. Our Moisture Absorber locks in unwanted moisture and protects from mould & musty odours.

How to use: Place the moisture absorber where required on a level surface. When the crystals are finished and the base container is full of liquid, dispose of fibre bag in household waste and pour the contents down the sink/WC. Insert new fibre refill bag and repeat the process.

Please contact our Technical Team for further Product Data/Safety Data information

Where would I use this?

• Prevents moisture, mould and musty odours

• No mess/non touch fibre refill bags

• Perfume Free

• Holds up to 1 litre

• Ideal for caravans, boats, basements, cellars, bathrooms, storage rooms, garages, stables, lockers or similar poorly ventilated spaces

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Total: £ 4.99

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