Oven Mate

Daily Oven Cleaner

A powerful cleaning spray designed to be used regularly between 'deep cleans' to keep your oven spick and span.  
It is perfect for the quick removal of fat splatters and drips, which can be hard to remove with normal cleaners, but are not so 'burnt on' that they need the extreme shifting power of Oven Mate Gel.  
Perfect for use on the oven door glass and also on food pans, to help shift stubborn food residues.

Where would I use this?

• Easy to use nozzle spray
• Powerful cleaning action
• Ideal for use in-between deep cleans

• Suitable for both gas & electric ovens
• For removal of stubborn food stains & residues
• Ceramics, glass, stoneware

Available Sizes
Total: £ 5.50