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Mesh Filter Cleaner

The Oven Mate Mesh filters is the ideal product to replace and clean cooker hoods containing extractor fans with filters. Over time, hood filters get clogged up with grease, dirt, fat and dust and these mesh filters help make cleaning easier.  Clean filters mean your cooker hood will work more effectively and it is recommended to clean them at least once every month.

How to use:  Remove the mesh filters from the cooker hood and place in the sink. Spray both sides evenly with the mesh filter cleaner - the bright colour marker foam makes it easy to see any areas you might have missed.  Leave for approximately 15 minutes, then rinse the meshes out under the hot tap to flush away the dissolved grease and dirt. Dry filters thoroughly before replacing in the cooker hood.


Where would I use this?

• Powerful cooker hood filter cleaner

• Do not use on plastic or carbon filters

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