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BBQ Clean and Protect Kit

Our BBQ Clean and Protect Kit includes all the items you will need to deep clean and keep your BBQ spotless.

Use the BBQ Just for Racks, extra large rack bags and large bristle brush with scraper to deep clean your BBQ, then use the Oven and Grill Cleaner, Non-stick BBQ mats and Grill Grmlins after every use.

Please contact our Technical Team for further Product Data/Safety Data information

Where would I use this?

BBQ Kit contains:

• BBQ Just for Racks 500ml

• 2 Extra large rack bags

• Large bristle brush with scraper

• Sleeve protectors and gloves

• BBQ Oven Grill Cleaner

• 2 Non-stick, reusable BBQ grill mats

• 2 Grill Gremlins

• Gas or coal barbecues

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