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Soak Up (Discontinued)

Soak Up! Universal Spill Absorber improves safety in the environment, by solving the problems caused by accidental spills of hazardous and polluting liquids such as paint, oil, animal accidents, liquid grease and foodstuff. Soak Up! absorbs any liquid except for hydrofluoric acid and mercury. It is environmentally friendly and safe in all applications. It contains no reactive chemicals and is non flammable. Proven to have higher absorbing power than clay or hydrate calcium based absorbers, Soak Up! will easily tackle any spills whether it be whilst decorating, working in your garage or your pet having an accident on your floors. If the mixture is not saturated and causing clumps, it can be used several times.

Soak Up is a discontinued product.

Where would I use this?
  • Universal spill absorber
  • Absorbs liquid of any viscosity
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • For absorbing all liquid spills
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