Indoor Wood Finishes

Plastic Coating Outfit

The toughest finish for all furniture & interior woodwork

Two-part clear cold cure lacquer for use on wood, hardboard, cork and plastic laminates. Extremely good adhesion, resistant to heat, solvents and abrasion. Can be burnished to a mirror like gloss or rubbed down to a smooth, satin finish with steel wool and wax. An excellent finish for marquetry as it does not darken light coloured veneers and does not yellow or craze on ageing. Hard-dry within 2 hours of application. Rustins Plastic Coating conforms to The Articles in Contact with Food Regulations.

Complete outfit contents:250ml Clear Plastic Coating, 63ml Hardener, 135ml Thinners and 63ml Burnishing Cream 
Covers approximately 4 sq. metres with one coat






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Where would I use this?
  • Two-part cold cure lacquer
  • For use on wood, hardboard, cork & plastic laminates
  • Fast drying
  • Food safe
  • Resistant to heat, solvents & abrasives
  • Does not yellow or craze with age

Ideal for wooden:
• Bars
• Table tops
• Worktops
• Guitars
• Bannisters
• Car dashboards
• Turned woodwork
• Salad bowls


Available Sizes
Total: £ 27.60

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