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G Insulate Smart Insulating Paint

Rustins G INSULATE is a smart insulating paint based on high-quality water borne, cross-linking acrylic resin containing Natural Exfoliated Graphite. 
The paint provides a reliable coating to ensure a comfortable temperature in winter or summer, reducing energy consumption by up to *21%. 
With good adhesive properties, it can be applied under all commonly used emulsion paints, concrete, bricks, clean organic plasters and wood.
It has high reflective properties in the infrared range and provides indoor temperature stability in both hot and cold weather. 
The stability of the coating in various environments was tested and confirmed at the Quantum Metrology Institute NPL. 

*G-Insulate has been subject to controlled testing in which Colliers PBC have validated the construction of the test environment and application of the paint within it.

Please contact our Technical Team for further Safety Data information

Where would I use this?
  • Reduces heating or air conditioning costs as well as CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Provides a thin primer coating to save you up to *21% on your energy bills in hot and cold weather 
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Eco Friendly – lowers carbon footprint up to *21%
  • Contains Graphite
  • For application on walls, ceilings, and floors as a primer
  • Can be applied over all commonly used emulsion paints, concrete or plaster
Available Sizes
Total: £ 139.00