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G Shield Electro Smog Shielding Paint

Rustins G-Shield is based on a high-quality water-borne, cross-linking acrylic resin containing Natural Exfoliated Graphene to provide reliable shielding from high-frequency electromagnetic fields and low-frequency electrical fields. G-Shield is solvent free with low-emissions and has lasting corrosion resistance as the paint contains no metal particles, the graphene in the paint prevents the formation of corrosion on metal surfaces. Can be applied under all commonly used emulsion paints and clean organic plasters. G-Shield has incremental shielding attenuation (up to -57 dB for one layer of coating) for the frequency range up to 20 GHz and higher, including the 5G frequency spectrum. The effectiveness of our coatings was tested at NPL the national measurement standards laboratory for the United Kingdom. Certificate available on request.


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Where would I use this?

• Contains Graphene
• For use indoors and outdoor use
• Breathable, low-emissions, solvent-free
• Lasting corrosion resistance, contains no metal
• Can be applied under all commonly used emulsion paints


• Residential Property -  EMI smog
• Commercial Property – EMI smog + protection of DATA centres
• Schools and Nurseries – EMI smog
• Hotels – EMI smog
• Hospitals – to protect high sensitive medical equipment such MRI, X-rays, CT scans
• Laboratories and various industries – microwave radiation sources
• Military facilities – radio location defence
• Airports – increase efficiency of air navigation equipment , increase efficiency radars
• Tunnels – EMI smog
• To devise radio-absorbing coatings for military equipment – airplanes, ships and tanks
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