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G Therm Thermal Heating Paint

Rustins G-Therm is based on high quality water-borne, cross-linking acrylic resin and contains Pure Graphene providing reliable electrically heated coatings that operate in the long-wave infrared range.

G-Therm is solvent free with low-emissions and high adhesive properties. It can be applied under all commonly used emulsion paints, concrete, drywall and clean organic plasters. It can also be used directly under clean organic renders.

G-Therm has a low electrical resistance value and ensures uniform heating of the coating when connected to a power source with DC or AC voltage. The effectiveness of the G-Therm coating was tested and certified at NPL the national measurement standards Institute for the United Kingdom.

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Where would I use this?

• Contains pure graphene

• Provides thin carbon coatings for highly energy efficient infra-red heating solutions

• For use indoor and outdoor

• Breathable, low-emissions, solvent-free

• High heating efficiency up to 180 degrees C at a safe low voltage

• For underfloor, walls and ceiling heating, FIR heating panels

• Can be applied over all commonly used emulsion paints, concrete or plaster

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Total: £ 60.00