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Q.: Is steel wool harmful to the environment? 
Steel wool is 100% environmentally friendly and will decompose. TROLLULL steel wool and the packaging are completely recyclable. 

Q.: What is steel wool made from? 
Steel wool is shaved from a steel wire in very fine fibres. 

Q.: What are the advantages of TROLLULL compared to other steel wool brands? 
TROLLULL is premium quality steel wool made from a special wire according to the specification of Oscar Weil.  
120 years of experience to produce the perfect grade for any application 
• Informative packaging – Unique colour coding system to identify the correct grade for the application 
• Reliable grading – guaranteed quality 
• QR code with link to user video on each product 
• Less dust during the working process 
• Greater elasticity and durability for working in awkward areas 
• High-breaking strain for frequent use 

Q.: Can I use steel wool in wet areas? 
You may use steel wool in wet areas, however it will rust which is why we recommend using our stainless steel wool which is rust-free.
Q.: Which surfaces can I clean/treat with steel wool? 
Any surfaces that are harder than steel wool can be cleaned without damaging/scratching the material. Any surfaced that are softer than steel wool can be carefully smoothened. Detailed information can be found on the TROLLULL website, QR code video link and packaging. For more information, please ask your RUSTINS experts.
Q.: Why should I use steel wool instead of sanding paper? 
Compared to sanding paper, steel wool smoothens the surface instead of making it rough. With steel wool you will be able to reach awkward areas which are hard to get to. 

Q.: Which grade should I use for working on wood? 
Our informative packaging with the unique colour coding system will guide you to the perfect grade for any application. 

Q.: What is the QR Code on the package for? 
When you scan the code with your mobile cam, you will be linked to a helpful product video clip 

Q.: Can I enhance the structure of wood with steel wool? 
Wood’s natural grain is accentuated after priming. 

Q.: Does steel wool treat surfaces gently? 
Rather than grinding down a surface it carefully sands down paint coats – ensuring base coats remain undamaged 

Q.: Can I clean glass, tiles and ceramics with steel wool? 
Even delicate surfaces like glass can be cleaned without scratching 

Q.: Will I destroy or scratch glass when working with steel wool on it? 
Steel wool does not leave any scratches on glass – this has been tested and guaranteed by several independent labs. (e.g. IPI in Esslingen/Germany) 

Q.: Which grade should I use for working on glass? 
We recommend using the finer grades “000” or “0000” or the TROLLULL glass cleaner 
Q: What is the advantage of a dry TROLLULL Stove Glass Cleaner compared to liquid cleaners? 
Seals will not harden and therefore will not have to be replaced in order to prevent a glass breakage 
Cleans reliable without additional liquids or chemicals (environmentally friendly) 

Q.: Can I damage the glass when using the Stove Glass Cleaner? 
No, steel wool cannot scratch glass 

Q.: How do I use the Stove Glass Cleaner? 
Wipe the sooty glass with the dry stove glass cleaner. The elastic nonwoven fabric completely absorbs even the most stubborn soot and dirt 
Simply tab off the soot. Can be used several times. Do not rinse 
Do not add and liquids or chemicals 

Q.: Can I use steel wool for pest control? 
Yes steel wool may be used to fill rodent holes and keep mice and rats away. We recommend stainless steel wool for wet and damp areas and created a special new product “TROLLULL Stuff-it” 

Q.: What is Plumbers Choice for? 
Plumbers choice was developed especially for plumbers and fitters. The special steel wool will clean and prepare copper pipes and fittings before and after soldering. It gives a bright shine to aluminium and brass and takes surface rust from tools. 

Q.: Can I clean my ceramic hob with steel wool? 
Ceramic hobs can be cleaned with the special product TROLLULL CeraBrite 
It removed even the most stubborn stains and burned-on food the natural way 
CeraBrite brings back the shine to any glass ceramic surface, scratch free and without aggressive chemicals. 

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