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Wudcare Adhesives

PVA Waterproof Wood Adhesive

A strong PVA glue that has been extensively tested to be weatherproof and water resistant. With unbreakable structural strength, these glues can be fully immersed in sea water. For interior and exterior use. Standard has an initial bond time of 30 minutes and a firm bond in 60 minutes. Full cure will require 24 hours. Suitable for all woods, ideal for laminating and veneering

Where would I use this?
  • Standard - 30 minutes initial bond, 60 minutes strong bond, 24 hours fully cured
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Unbreakable structural strength
  • Can be immersed fully in sea water
  • Ideal for laminating & veneering
  • General Purpose Wood Adhesive
  • Water Resistant Adhesive
  • Wall Covering Adhesive
Available Sizes
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