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Charter Aluminium Wood Primer

A specially formulated paint primer which seals knots in resinous timber, particularly pine, and minimises ‘bleeding’. May also be used over creosote when a new finish is required and acts as a barrier to sap and moisture, reducing the risk of blistering.

Where would I use this?
  • The original SELF KNOTTING primer
  • Contains SHELLAC. Suitable for all new and old wood and most other surfaces
  • Successful on pine and the more resinous timbers. Minimises ‘bleeding’ on Oregan Pine
  • Stops porosity, resists damp and dries with a hard metallic surface
  • Acts as a proof against sap and moisture and minimises the risk of blistering under reasonable conditions
  • Coverage (per sq metre) - 15
  • Suitable for use on new and old wood and other surfaces and under most types of paint, excluding cellulosic coatings.
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