Oven Mate

Just for Racks

This cleaning kit is all you need to clean your oven racks, BBQ racks and non-coated baking trays. The unique formulation cuts through grease and grime and burnt on food residues, leaving the racks gleaming like new.  There is no need to scrub, simply pour over racks in the bag and rinse off. When used as directed it works first time and there is enough solution for two cleans.  

Kit includes 500ml Just for Racks cleaning gel, two rack bags for two cleans, arm protectors, gloves and sponge.

Where would I use this?

• Unique formulation, works first time
• Powerful cleaning action
• Easy to use solution

• Oven racks
• BBQ racks
• Non-coated baking trays

Available Sizes
Total: £ 8.99

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